Humans of DEEP C - True freedom of expression and feelings

11 3月 2021 BY deepc

When I was studying in America, the pandemic broke out, everyone including me felt panicked, lost and did not have a clear direction for the future. I decided to return to Vietnam. After a long period of self-isolation, I started looking for a job that could bring back my positive energy, and at the same time help me explore more potential for my future career. My definition of work in Vietnam was "chaotic". I did not know any company or any specific job that can help me apply everything I have learned abroad.

Pham Tran Binh Minh 08

I got to know DEEP C by chance, applied and came here for an interview. I had the opportunity to talk with Bruno and Hans but the vibe was like a casual meet-up between friends to better understand each other life and interests. This made me surprised because it was completely different from what I imagined about a business interview. Fortunately, I "passed" and got to work here. DEEP C and its working environment gave me a completely different perspective on a foreign enterprise in Vietnam. Besides profitability, the company attaches great importance to the environment - something I learned a lot in the US but found very few businesses can actually do it. At DEEP C, employees have true freedom of expression – and our feelings, beliefs and opinions are valued. The longer I work here, the more I feel that being a part of DEEP C was the right decision to make.

Mr Pham Tran Binh Minh - Project Executive