As a home to 120+ manufacturing companies, DEEP C believes it is our responsibility to reduce environmental footprint and make
a positive impact on the planet. We are committed to lead by example through building an eco-industrial park with high sustainability standards.

Our sustainable development strategies focuses on areas:



DEEP C sees huge potential in generating energy from rooftop solar panels, windmills, and waste. We are involving our tenants in renewable energy projects by renting clients buildings' roofs for the installation of solar panels.

The distribution network will reduce the impact of future loading creases on the EVN network by distributing to tenants and supplementing 30% of electricity demand within DEEP C with renewable energy by 2030.

Sustainable buildings (2)


We recognize that water is a precious resource for the operations of not only DEEP C but also our tenants and the community we all live in.

In our wastewater treatment plant (ISO 9001 & 14001) we collect wastewater from our tenants and bringing back to the river with cleaner water than in the environment.

We strive to keep our water consumption minimum by recycling treated wastewater in industrial manufacturing activities, cleaning, and irrigation. In addition, we reuse sludge (bacteria) after each treatment circle.



In 2019, DEEP C teamed up with Dow Chemical to build the first road enhanced by plastic waste in Vietnam with a length of 1.4km.

More asphalt roads using recycled plastic will be stretched out all over DEEP C Industrial Zones as an innovative solution to address plastic waste and advance the circular economy in Vietnam.

DEEP C eliminated all purchase and usage of single-use plastic bottles straws, and stirrers in office operations, which has been acknowledged as one of the best practices in the EuroCham Sustainability Initiative.

Sustainable buildings


In DEEP C, we believe that green building is the future and are aiming to raise the standards for developing infrastructures inside industrial parks.

We guarantee that our ready-built factories in Quang Ninh will be built in the most nature-friendly way possible with LEED Standards.

Mangrove preservation


We believe industrial development can go hand in hand with natural restoration. We are committed to preserving and protecting mangrove forests and their biodiversity during the port development in DEEP C Quang Ninh.

Mangrove forest is used to replace green zone, flooding buffers, and recreational areas, and reduce dyke designs. We also have a nursery that provides plants for the green zone.


DEEP C Industrial Zones is not only about brick and mortar.
We are made by human and for human, as such we value our people, our partners, our tenants who have made this journey possible



Being a Belgian company with deep Vietnamese roots, supporting a wide variety of businesses from multiple industries and nationalities, DEEP C needs to work with a broad definition of diversity.

We are committed to building a diverse and multicultural business community and workplace that benefits our employees and tenants.


We care deeply about our people by pursuing a hazard-controlled working environment where the incident rate is kept as low as possible.

Since 2019, nearly 1000 safety inspections have been done across all departments and sub-zones.
At DEEP C, we never compromise on safety


Motivation starts with creating an environment where everyone is seen, heard, valued, and respected and connecting them with opportunities.

We strive to empower every employee to be their best and contribute at their full potential.


We are committed to enrich the lives of the community our people and tenants live in through economic growth,
education facilitation and cultural exchange.


In 2020, DEEP C donated nearly 80,000 USD to organizations and local authorities that bring opportunities and kindness to children, families and communities in the areas where we are operating and nationwide.

In the middle of the fight against Covid-19, we shifted from general support to specific actions such as providing medical supplies to the front-line healthcare workers to ensure the continuity of community well-being.


Here in DEEP C, it is important to engage our people, our tenants and their employees in volunteering programs that are driven by meaning and purpose.

In 2020, we initiated shoreline cleanup event that attracted 200+ volunteers from tenants and partners, free porridge for hospital's patients rice, noodle and necessities for ethnic minority groups in the mountainous province of Ha Clang, etc.



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