#DEEPCinsider : A sunny day to do land hand-over

18 March 2020 BY deepc


Did you know that factories of different sizes and industries standing in DEEP C Industrial Zones today all started with a simple land handover? For your information, it is a major milestone in setting up a factory that indicates the transfer of land ownership from DEEP C to clients and marks the evidence of our sale. To give you a better idea of how a factory is built from scratch, let’s follow our customer service officer to the site for a typical land handover in DEEP C.

The client today is Dong Kang Tech (DK)– a car parts plating manufacturer from Korea. Once in operation in late 2020, DK will dedicate 80 % of its capacity to its countryfolk, who also bases in DEEP C Haiphong II: Pyeong Hwa Automotive – a trusted suppliers to top-tier car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, GM, Ford and Hyundai, etc. The remaining 20% will be reserved for international markets and Vinfast - the Vietnamese car manufacturers located just 10 km away from DK.  

It’s a good day to start something new

After weeks of clouds, Haiphong finally has the first sunny day. And it’s always better to start something new under the bright sunshine.


As usual, the land handover takes place at the client’s land plot with the participation of representatives from DEEP C and DK. When we arrive, our DEEP C site engineer and surveyor team have already been there, busy preparing for an error-free procedure. The land plot now looks perfectly ready for industrial development with a flat and clean surface, red concrete markers and DEEP C flags installed at four lot corners. However, it takes special techniques to confirm the actual status of the land plot.


A swift ceremony

It is at this point that we let our surveyor team to take the lead. A total station theodolite has been set up to help our clients confirm land area, land elevation, references points. DK is more than welcomed to engage a surveyor to check the technical specifications at as many points inside the area as they want. Once the technical handover is completed, the official handover kicks in with the signing of Certificate of Land Hand-over by legal representatives from both parties.


In less than an hour, we have completed the land handover with big smiles on the faces of our clients. This result is achieved by months of careful and diligent preparation including mines and explosives check, dyke construction, sand filling, compaction, and leveling, etc.

Soon in the empty land we see today, there will be a bustling factory growing and contributing to the establishment of a dynamic automotive village in DEEP C Industrial Zones. Dong Kang Tech, together with Pyeong Hwa Automotive and others, are giving rise to the birth of a new automotive supply chain in Vietnam and helping the country become a key car manufacturing base in the future.

More than just business

+ 120 land handovers in + 20 years so far, yet this kind of ceremony never fails to spark a sense of pride and excitement among our team.

“We have the privilege to watch many factories landing and thriving in our zones from their Day 1, which is very close to planting a seed and watching it grow into a big, beautiful tree.” Said Bruno Jaspaert, General Director of DEEP C Industrial Zones.

For the local team of DEEP C who have spent most of their lives in Hai Phong like us, it’s a feeling of being a part of Haiphong city development that keeps us moving forward. Because after all, it’s not just business, it’s our home.