Humans of DEEP C: Safety first, so we last!

11 August 2020 BY deepc

On April 28, 2016, exactly 2 days before the public holidays, while everyone was excited about their days off, I and my colleagues had a long meeting to discuss about the jetty’s safety assurance during holidays. Right after the meeting ended, I received an emergency alert from the jetty’s guard: an incident was happening on a gas carrier which was the largest gas carrier in Vietnam in 2016. Since the moment I had received the alert, it only took us approximately 1 minute to settle that incident. You can see that we took great care of the jetty’s safety system, and I can guarantee that this is one of the best safety systems in the Northern region. Our system always maintains a pressure of 7.5kg and if there is a loss or overload of pressure, the pumps will automatically work immediately. In addition, the system's operational tests are also conducted regularly, so everything is extremely reliable.


Tran Van Chien EN 02


Actually, I myself am quite a cheerful person, but when I did this job, my character and my face naturally became more serious, even my family members commented that I seem to be more fastidious. This can be called “occupational disease”, because underneath this appearance, I am still an outgoing person. But due to my job, I have to be stricter.

The essence of the work we are doing here is to manage the operation and safety of the jetty which has the highest sensitivity and danger level. This place acts as the interface for exporting and importing activities of all customers doing business of such goods as LPG, gas, petrol, oil and chemicals. Everyone working here must strictly comply with the standardized procedure on personal protective equipment and labor safety, as well as on ensuring the reliable operation of the jetty system, especially the fire prevention and fighting system. These seem very theoretical and pressured to everybody, but I am always aware of the seriousness and necessity of the safety assurance for myself and the jetty. I consider this work as my honor and attach my life with this place, hence I, together with my colleagues here, are trying to protect this jetty as protecting our lives. The peace of the jetty is the peace of ourselves and our families.

- Mr. Tran Manh Chien, DEEP C Euro Jetty Vietnam's Chief Supervisor since 2005