Humans of DEEP C: Những người đặt nền móng

19 Tháng 5 2021 BY Super User


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I was one of the very first people that set foot on Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (the first phase of DEEP C Industrial Zones today) and started serving customers since 1999. I have been working here since it was just a deserted and untouched field, so the bond between us is strong. In fact, I should have retired seven years ago, but I keep devoting to DEEP C as I still feel appreciated and valued by the Company.

Since the very first days, DEEP C faced many hardships that lasted for years. There were times when things seemed to be impossible to continue. I was the only one who directly worked on the site, taking care of electricity, water, wastewater, land, etc. Later on, there came more customers, I have more colleagues to work with at the site. It is an arduous journey for DEEP C to grow this great.

Over more than twenty years I have worked here, there have been ups and downs. During the first years, while the National power grid and clean water were not connected to DEEP C, we had to use generators to produce electricity to feed the power supply grid to the customers, and took water from the river to containers for purification; that situation lasted until 2005. Developing a series of industrial zones as they are now is a huge success, your generation should work hard to take over it.

I have worked with all our leaders from time to time. One of our former leaders, Mr. Phillips from Belgium came to Viet Nam several times each year. Every time he visited the site, I took him around on my scooter to see how we grew and then back for a meeting. In this Company, I am trusted and respected, that is why I am committed to working here. Now that I am old, only few more years to work, but as long as I am still able to work, I will continue to contribute. Because working here brings me happiness and healthiness.

- Mr. Bui Minh Tan, DEEP C’s Park Operations Vice Manager since 1999