4 Stages in a Covid-19 Action Plan

01 September 2021 BY deepc

COVID-19 and its preventive measures implemented in Vietnam during the fourth outbreak have taken a toll on industrial production and magnified issues in the supply chain. In escalating scenarios, it is crucial that businesses have a step-by-step plan in place that allows them to respond in a quick manner while ensuring business continuity and work safety.

From real experiences and knowledge in mitigating COVID-19's effects, DEEP C Industrial Zones has developed a COVID-19 response action plan to help our clients better prepare for unexpected situations. The plan involves 4 different stages: Preparation, Equipment order, Segregation, Lockdown.

In our opinion, the preparation stage holds the utmost importance, in which information, especially legitimate one from official sources are the guiding element throughout your COVID-19 plan development and action. Before sitting down together to draw out the steps, identify your trusted sources of information, do analysis and select multiple communication channels targeted to specific audiences to spread your message as effectively as possible. In DEEP C, we rely on three official sources: national guidelines and decrees, provincial decrees, and economic zone authorities of Haiphong and Quang Ninh (HEZA and QEZA). Once a decision is made, it will go to designated contact points to reach the right stakeholders: Customer Service department to Clients, Human Resource department to DEEP C employees, Sales and Marketing department to Press and the general public. When everyone knows their roles, communication goes smooth with minimum overlapping and error.

In the segregation phase (code red), fully vaccinated employees who have received the second dose for more than 14 days are not impacted and are allowed to carry out usual activities in the office. The remaining workforce will be divided into different groups which take turn to work in the office or a fixed location at the site. The purpose of this is to ensure no close interactions among groups and secure business continuity in DEEP C Industrial Zones.

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