DEEP C service complex to be built from used containers

30 June 2020 BY deepc

We present to you… DEEP C SERVICE COMPLEX – a harmonious blend of industrial aesthetics and nature-friendly solution.

As unique as we are, we choose to craft our cool-looking workspace by sticking used shipping containers together. Once completed in June 2021, the building will be an example of how to repurpose those huge boxes of steel as an alternative to traditional construction materials.

3600x6400.exterior.01The complex consists of two blocks: one for DEEP C’s site office and Firefighting station, the other provides temporary offices for tenants in DEEP C, offices for service providers like post offices, banks, logistics companies, co-working space, showroom, catering service (coffee shop, rooftop restaurant).

Interior 5

DEEP C is always innovating and improving, not only in the quality of our products but also in the style of delivering them. Every feature of it has been developed with the thought of our clients in mind: How to better their experience of doing business with DEEP C? How to make them see DEEP C in a new light?

interior 9

With the new site office, we are able to shorten the distance to our tenants operating in DEEP C, allowing swift response to tenants’ requests and improved customer experience. The complex also provides companies with easy access to necessary services to further ease their operation in DEEP C.

Interior 4

A quick glance at the building’s interior design

While designing the interior, we put a lot of thought into how to make it a place where your team can feel at home yet inspired to work and generate ideas. After all, for those of you who spend 8 hours per day in the office, it's important that the office can provide lots of comfort and productivity.

Interior 1