DEEP C shakes hand with city of Kitakyushu to promote investment

13 May 2019 BY deepc

On May 11, 2019, City of Kitakyushu and DEEP C Industrial Zones (DEEP C) signed a memorandum of understanding on Business Investment in the presence of leaders from Haiphong People’s Committee, Haiphong Economic Zone Authority (HEZA), Haiphong Department of Foreign Affairs, Haiphong Department of Industry and Trade.

Deep C Kitakyushu

Under this MoU, the two organizations expressed their intention to closely cooperate on investment promotion through information exchanges on business opportunities and co-organization of promotional activities.

Accordingly, DEEP C will share information to Kitakyushu when realizing that its tenants are seeking for business opportunities or business partners in Japan. In the same manner, Kitakyushu will be an information source about DEEP C for enterprises in Kitakyushu looking for a reliable overseas industrial zone to set up their manufacturing facilities. Special offers will be given to investors finding their ways to DEEP C via the city’s channels. As well as information sharing, Kitakyushu and DEEP C further strengthen their collaboration by co-organizing investment seminars and visit tours to DEEP C Industrial Zones and its tenants.

The synergies have provided a unique platform to extend network, maximize business connections and call for more FDI projects in Kitakyushu and DEEP C Industrial Zones as well as Haiphong. As part of celebration activities for 5th anniversary of sister cities relationship establishment between Kitakyushu and Haiphong, the synergies have deepened the ties and opened up a world of unexplored partnership opportunities in various fields between the two sister cities.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Bruno Jaspaert, General Director at  DEEP C Industrial Zones said "DEEP C and City of Kitakyushu are very similar in various ways: a unique location with direct link to multimodal infrastructure and positioning itself as renewable energy initiatives. DEEP C is fortunate to have already made its first steps in this direction. Sustainability and circular economy have become the mandatory guide to our development" adding that he is confident both parties "will not only achieve more together in investment promotion but also be able to expand our partnership to sustainable development and other areas as well".

On the other side, Mr.Kenji Kitahashi, Mayor of City of Kitakyushu expressed his expectation towards the influence of the MoU: "I understand that DEEP C Industrial Zones is a business platform to further accelerate the industrial development of Hai Phong, neighboring the major deep-sea port Lach Huyen Gateway Port and Vietnamese auto manufacturer VinFast. Entering into this memorandum promises to further expand business collaborations between companies in our cities."

The ceremony was followed by a site visit to DEEP C Haiphong I for a visual understanding on DEEP C’s general infrastructure, utilities provision facilities, park operation etc.