DEEP C Shared Bus Service: Safe commute for your employees

06 September 2021 BY deepc

Launched early 2020, DEEP C Shared Bus Service is now operating 2 routes transporting our tenant’s workers through more than 40 km of busiest roads in the city. Monthly, 49 employees from different companies within the zone are traveling on our service, proving that the service is step-by-step serving the correct targets and deliverables according to the definitive purpose: building a safe working environment for all employees in the zone.

DEEP C shared bus service 2

Given the bus service will be the first experience for our passengers every day, we placed utmost importance on who we appoint to operate the service from the get-go. A thorough screening of available partners narrowed our options down to a partner that had long experience in this passenger transportation segment – which we found essential to deliver the comfortability of the trip and the high-end service quality. 

bus route map DEEP C industrial zones

Picture 1: Operational routes of DEEP C Shared Bus Service

Arranging transportation for employees often poses an operational puzzle for factory managers. Typically, a minimum ridership threshold is required for bus operators to maintain the operation, which often results in additional costs for small and medium-sized enterprises. With a shared bus concept, we solve this puzzle by combining small demands from different tenants into an order of sufficient size so that the service is readily available to any of our tenants at a reasonable expense. Furthermore, it is also noted from job seekers that having commute support is one of the top considerations when selecting a workplace. Our service also makes working in DEEP C Industrial Zones more appealing, hence support the recruitment activities of our tenants.

 DEEP C shared bus service 1

DEEP C Industrial Zones are on its path of expanding projects in Hai Phong, as well as developing new projects in the neighboring Quang Ninh province. With more and more new investors arriving in the next years, it is foreseeable that demand for employee transportation services will be growing quickly. In response, DEEP C is planning to expand serving capacity, increase pick-up locations and routes to make sure that the service will be able to meet the growing demand, at the same time maintain the highest service quality to our passengers.

To diversify our solution and be flexible to meet the variety of demands from our tenants, in addition to the shared bus concept, DEEP C Bus Service can also provide dedicated options. In such an arrangement bus fare, routes, and other specific items are fully customized based on the specific conditions of each company. This will help DEEP C and supplier to specialize and professionalize our service provision towards customers.

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