Go green with DEEP C Industrial Zones

12 February 2019 BY deepc

Echoing the message for environmental improvement, the leading industrial real estate developer DEEP C Industrial Zones have joined together with  Directorate for Road of Vietnam,  Road Management Bureau No. 1,  National Traffic Safety Committee, Youth Union – Ministry of Transport and Cat Hai district People’s Committee for the kick-off of tree planting festival on 12 February 2019. in DEEP C Haiphong III on 12 February 2019.


Under this campaign, 900 casuarina trees along 7.8 km of Tan Vu - Lach Huyen highway and 500 paper flower pots at the Tan Vu-Lach Huyen bridge roundabout. DEEP C donated 500 out of 900 casuarina trees and all flower pots.

This year, the campaign targets soil erosion prevention whilst serving the purpose of enhancing traffic safety. Once in full grown, the casuarina tree fences will form natural railings protecting people and vehicles from falling off in case of traffic accident, thereby mitigating damages from the incident. The planted trees are expected to benefit the highway by adding aesthetic elements and charm to the landscape of the area. This is part of the commitment of DEEP C to green growth and sustainability reflecting in its significant investment and planning in ISO-certified waste water treatment plant, green zone development, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and eco-park development.