29 October 2021

This HSBC annual event is a testament to our commitment to keeping businesses around the world informed about and connected to the opportunities presented by doing business in Vietnam, one of the strongest developing economies in the world.

Changes in the electricity wholesale prices in industrial parks or industrial clusters

08 October 2021

Circular No. 06/2021/TT-BCT amending Circular No. 16/2014/TT-BCT on electricity price takes effect from 25/9/2021.

DEEP C Shared Bus Service: Safe commute for your employees

06 September 2021

DEEP C Bus Service has been in operation for a year and a half, with a mission to facilitate recruitment in the zone. Find out how this service has been developing and how it can be of help for your employees.

Legal Update - August 2021

01 September 2021

Via this and all the incoming issue, our Customer Service will keep you informed of relevant updates in legal framework that might impact your operation. This time, we are sharing information of regulation on temporary residence in industrial zone, permitted industries under Investment law and labor code update regarding foreign workers.

4 Stages in a Covid-19 Action Plan

01 September 2021

A step-by-step COVID-19 action plan is a must in maintaining resilience while protecting your labor and operation. Gain insights and tips on developing one from our actual implementation.

First Step Toward The Wonderful World Of Renewable Energy

01 September 2021

The first solar panel in DEEP C Solar Power Grid has been recently installed and under commission. This is our latest achievement on the way to power security in the zone. Read up on what our experts have to tell about this initiative.

Closer Look at DEEP C’s Fire Combat Crew

01 September 2021

Health and safety for the people working in the industrial zones are placed at the highest priority in DEEP C's daily operation. Besides extensive investment in the equipments, we select the best people and inspire them to work for the ultimate goal: stable operation in the zone.

NEW TENANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Pressway Precision Vietnam Co., Ltd.,

01 September 2021

Being an industrial park developer has led us to friendships with some of the most inspirational people with great talent and ambition. What is even more fascinating is that we have the chance to be a good companion to their journey in Viet Nam. Recently, we're delighted to welcome the latest member that started their journey in DEEP C: Pressway Precision Vietnam Co., Ltd., - the newest tenant in DEEP C Hai Phong II Industrial Zone.

[Webinar] Solar Talk: Industrial Application of Distributed Solar in Vietnam

17 August 2021

Solar energy can be used for a wide variety of industrial applications to cut energy costs and increase productivity. Permeate Solar into Our Lives for a Greener Future!